First of all THANKS to The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) for an opportunity, support commissioning industry and committed to give the conference attendees a tour of their facilities – Central Utilities Plant, Cogeneration plant and Automated People Mover .

Site Tour

The site tour will visit the Central Utilities Plant (CUP) built in 2000, the adjacent Cogeneration Plant built in 2005 and the Automated People Mover (APM).

The CUP supplies heating and cooling water to various buildings at the airport. The cooling is generated by five 1,250 ton electric water chillers and two 2,000 steam drive water chillers. The heating is provided by four 65,760 lb/hr steam boilers.

The cogeneration plant includes two 42 MW gas turbines with once-through heat recovery steam boilers and a 33 MW steam turbine generator. The cogeneration plant’s electrical output can be switched between the grid and airport or a combination of the two.

The APM is a cable liner shuttle that includes two fully automatic train systems with two distinct guideways and drive systems. These seven vehicle trains are propelled by a haul rope (cable) with three stations located at terminal 1, terminal 3 and the Viscount Station at the Value Parking lot.


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